Steel fiber description

Steel Fibres can be referred to as well-defined, discrete, meagre length strands of steel that gets mixed with fresh concrete very quickly and arbitrarily. These can be portrayed as cold-drawn uni-filament steel strands used for preparing fibre-reinforced concrete (FRC). Steel Fibers are manufactured using the process of deformation by corrugating the cold drawn segments of steel wire. These fibres can be peculiarly designed to be used in concrete products as primary reinforcement material and are also available in collated or loose versions. Steel Fibres are known to possess a higher flexural strength as compared to un-reinforced concrete. These fibres are made up of stainless steel thereby resisting corrosion. The design of Steel Fibres permits for a foreseeable failure factor in their unbending. Thus, they function to reinforce the concrete and hinder micro-cracking, fundamentally behaving as “minuscule reinforcing bars”. Hence, the sooner the crack is obstructed, the minimum the chance of it evolving into a critical flaw. The choice of the type of Steel Fibres relies on the sort of application to be used for.

Steel fibres are generally manufactured with diameters ranging from 0.5mm to 1.0mm, and having length around 25mm to 60mm. However, we are always instrumental in offering customized Steel Fiber having various sizes, diameter and aspect ratio as specified by our esteemed clients. The choice of the type of Steel Fibres relies on the sort of application to be used for. These are generally used as reinforcement material for making shotcrete, pavements, concrete overlays and precast components. Steel Fibres accounts to enjoy numerous properties, such as better crack resistance, higher fatigue endurance features, enhanced fatigue strength, good tensile strength, greater resistance to spalling, durability, good resistance to impact and several other characteristics. Using Steel Fibres serves to deliver noteworthy cost savings, in conjunction with rapid construction, lowered material volume, and minimized labour cost

Earth fibrex is  an ISO 9001:2015 certified company are the pioneer and largest manufacturers and exporters of high quality Steel Fibres in India. (Brand name) is the registered Trade Mark of our Steel Fibres. (brand name) Steel Fibres confirm to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) – A 820 specifications and are available in various shapes, sizes, strengths and aspect ratios.

Concrete – world’s most widely used structural material develops cracks because of many reasons. The reasons may be attributed to various factors, mainly due to inherent weakness of the concrete to resist tensile forces.

Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC)technology is widely used in Europe, USA, UK, Australia and many other parts of Asia. In India concrete fibres are used in various construction projects.

Steel Fibres is cold drawn loose Steel Fibre made using premium quality low content carbon steel for use along with concrete. (Brand name)   is discrete (loose) in nature and can be blended with concrete in small quantities. It is evenly scattered within the concrete blend to achieve progressed mechanical properties such as fatigue tolerance, ductility, high flexural strength and impact defiance. Compliant with ASTM A820 standard, (Brand name)   proves to be a well-founded and economical solution suitable for low and medium dosages in concrete reinforcement applications. (Brand name)   can be manufactured in various forms such as Flat Crimped, Round Crimped and Hooked End.

Types of steel fiber

  • Hooked end
  • Round crimped
  • Flat crimped
  • Glued hooked end steel fiber


  • Flexural strain capacity is enhanced
  • More homogenous mix in concrete
  • Adds ductility to concrete
  • Controls cracks
  • Joint stability
  • Narrow joint width
  • Shear load transfer
  • Fatigue and impact resistance
  • Post crack ductility
  • Reduces material consumption and saves cost
  • Longer service life
  • Lesser time required
  • Lesser wastage


  • Shotcreting of Tunnels
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Mine Roof Support
  • Pre Cast for Tunnel Linings
  • Foundation Slabs, Roads, Bridges, Runways, Taxiways
  • Factory & Warehousing Flooring
  • Pre Cast walls,
  • Concrete Pipes
  • Manhole Covers, etc